Patronat del Misteri d'Elx

Misteri d'Elx

Internal information system

The internal information system constitutes an instrument for reporting possible illegal and/or illicit activities via the Internet.

It is therefore a means of combating fraud that preserves the identity of the person making the report and also includes tools to ensure the rights of those who are reported.

The objective of the internal information system is to raise awareness among all persons related to the PATRONATO so that, in the face of certainty or founded suspicion of illicit conduct within the entity, appropriate action can be taken.

Its purpose is to ensure that any action that may pose a criminal risk can be handled professionally and confidentially, taking appropriate measures to protect the interests of the PATRONATO , the informant, and ensure effective compliance with the law.

This internal information system incorporates mechanisms that guarantee the confidentiality of all information and offers a secure communication space to maintain contact with the PATRONATO DEL MISTERI D'ELX  and allow interaction between it and informants in an anonymous manner.

Internal Reporting Channels

  • Ayuntamiento d'Elche
  • Generalitat Valenciana
  • Diocesis D'Orihuela-Alicante

Companies and collaborating organizations